Handmade soap with donkey milk and seaweed

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Components: Donkey milk(21%), olive oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, essential oil of lemon, seaweed, poppy seed.

Handmade natural cosmetics with donkey milk by ONOiamata!

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Handmade natural soap with 21% donkey milk and seaweed: 1) Moisturize the skin deeply, stretch it and becomes smooth and elastic. 2) provide protection against free radicals and antioxidation. 3) Clean the skin and balance the oiliness. 4) They have anti-aging effects. 5) Containing phytohormones activate and nourish the cells and stimulate cell dieresis procedures. Suitable for face and body! Our handmade natural soap with 21% donkey milk and seaweed is the only in the market that contains no water! In the preparation of we are not using chemical colors and flavors.

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The effect of donkey milk in cosmetics
Donkey milk is not only popular as a food, but also used in cosmetics. Whether as a bath additive or body lotion – donkey milk cosmetics is valuable and pure luxury for the skin. So donkey milk was already in the 19th century with the rich and nobles for beauty care extremely popular. Donkey milk provides the skin with moisture and keeps it soft and supple. Donkey milk cosmetics should not be missing in any bathroom.

Donkey milk cosmetics – perfect for dry and sensitive skin
Donkey’s milk contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins and regenerates the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles. Also for sensitive or dry skin, cosmetic products made of donkey milk are ideal. In addition, donkey milk can also be successfully used in skin diseases. The skin is supplied with long-lasting moisture and remains elastic.

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