Handmade soap with donkey milk and green clay

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Components: Donkey milk(21%), olive oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, essential oil of lemon, green clay.

Handmade natural soaps with donkey milk by ONOiamata!

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Handmade soap with 21% donkey milk and green clay!

Cleanses the skin, detoxifies, removes dead cells, unnecessary greasiness, freckles, blackheads and reduces wrinkles. Relaxes and tones the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, but ideal for oily and combination skin, effective in cases of acne. Suitable for face and body! It is unique in the market which contains no water and contains 21% donkey milk! In the preparation of we are not using chemical colors and flavors.

Our handmade soap with 21% donkey milk and green clay is waiting for you to try it!

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The effect of donkey milk in cosmetics
Donkey milk is not only popular as a food, but also used in cosmetics. Whether as a bath additive or body lotion – donkey milk cosmetics is valuable and pure luxury for the skin. So donkey milk was already in the 19th century with the rich and nobles for beauty care extremely popular. Donkey milk provides the skin with moisture and keeps it soft and supple. Donkey milk cosmetics should not be missing in any bathroom.

Benefits of Green Clay for oily skin: Green Clay is really beneficial for anyone with oily, combination or acne prone skin because it works to restore balance to the skin, extracting and soaking up any excess oils lurking within the pores that can cause acne, breakouts and general build-up and congestion. It’s also great for helping to mattify the skin, making it ideal for anyone with an unsightly oily T zone. Green Clay is also really effective deep cleanser, working to balance out the skin’s pH levels and stimulating cell regeneration to leave you with a fresh and glowing complexion.

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