Face cream with donkey milk and aloe

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Donkey milk 24%, emulsifier, oil (Jojoba, hazelnut, grapeseed), rosewater (chamomile, rose water), water, aloe gel, polyphenols, coenzyme Q10, aroma.

Handmade natural cosmetics with donkey milk by ONOiamata!

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Handmade moisturizing face cream with donkey milk 24%, aloe vera gel and Q10 coenzyme.

ALOE: Among the nutrient aloe vera include vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A (retinol) is known for its regenerating properties of the cells and is widely used in cosmetics as an anti-wrinkle component. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and strengthens the immune system. Furthermore, it helps in the formation of collagen in the skin and the preservation of health. Vitamin E, with the antioxidant and the regenerative properties, protecting the skin, preventing the damage of the cell membrane. Aloe Vera is also a rich source of minerals (iron, chromium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc.), enzymes (have excellent therapeutic properties for the skin and tissue), amino acids and other nutrients.

COENZYME Q10: It is a natural antioxidant that combats the damage caused by free radicals in our skin (for example, aging marks). It has a great impact on reducing the size of wrinkles and prevents new ones from appearing. It boosts healthy collagen production and reduces the effects of exposure us to UV radiation. It increases the protection of cells and gives energy to our new healthy skin cells.

DONKEY MILK: The metal salts help to remove dead cells and create new ones. The rich milk composition with high levels of protein phospholipids and ceramides make it excellent for:

• anti-aging,

• the treatment of wrinkles,

• restructuring and regenerating facial with excellent results.

Our handmade moisturizing face cream with 24% donkey milk, aloe vera gel and Q10 coenzyme is waiting for you to try it!

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