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In Edessa a small town on north Greece our family breeds donkies and get their milk. We use the cold method for making soaps using olive oil and donkey milk. . According to surveys donkey’s milk has regenerating ingredients, it prevents certain skin diseases, contains essential fatty acids that help absorb vitamins, improves the healing process. The rich composition of milk with high levels of phospholipids, proteins and ceramides make it excellent for: anti-aging treatment of wrinkles face skin restructing and regeneration, with excellent results. Characteristic of donkey milk is the large amount of lysozyme, a substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory .the properties combination with other proteins containing mineral salts, have proof from research to be effective for many skin ailments.(dry skin, acme, psoriasis, eczema) Also the metal salts of asinine milk allow the skin to clean, since removed the dead skin cells to create new living cells.

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